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Why Use A Professional Lettings Agent?

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Why Use A Professional Lettings Agent?

Why is it beneficial to have a professional, service focused real estate agent to find tenants and manage your investment?

Let’s start by asking you the reason you prefer to source your own tenants and self-manage your investment property...

  • Do you find agents are often hard to get hold of?

  • Poor communication?

  • Lack of updates?

  • Suggestions of price reductions rather than useful feedback?

  • Overpriced contractors?

Unfortunately this is the experience many landlords have with well-known agents. After speaking with different landlords we noticed there seems to be a common trend.

Service levels drop once the property has been listed, agency agreement signed and jobs are passed from person to person. This then results in landlords having to get more involved than necessary.

However, times have changed. Landlords now have access to a more personalised service.


Let us show you how you can save both time and money to use a professional managing agent who takes pride in all that they do...



‘Marketing is about connecting the right customers to the right product.’

Every landlord wants to be able to secure the best possible tenant for their investment property. However, in order to engage interest from the right calibre of tenant, quality marketing matters.

Before even clicking onto the initial listing, the first thing prospective tenants will look at are the initial photos. Therefore having your agent take their time to capture your property during the best time of day, spending time on a virtual tour and creating a detailed description is vital.

Check out our previous blog post for tips on preparing your home for viewings.



With over 67% of the UK’s population on social media it has become the most influential and important virtual space where the platform is not only used for social networking but is also a great way of advertising your property.

TikTok videos, Instagram reels & stories and Facebook & LinkedIn posts are all unique, low cost leading social platforms which many agents do not utilise enough. There are endless opportunities of attracting a wider audience which are currently being missed.

To those who are currently using an agent to market their property, however yet to secure a tenant- ask your agent, “Other than the traditional methods of advertising what else are you doing that is different?”



‘Did you know, landlords must comply with more than 160 pieces of letting legislation in order to remain legally compliant?’


Let’s be honest, the constant change of lettings legislation can be difficult to keep up with, yet the implications of not doing so can be costly for landlords.

Having a trusting relationship with your dedicated Letting Agent means you will be kept updated on all the changes and will be aware of anything required to meet requirements.

Property investment can be a great way to help secure your financial future and make your money work harder for you – but you need to know what you’re doing.


Landlords, ask yourself “How much it would cost you to take a day off your day to day job?”

Now let’s look into the numbers further…

If your property for an example is achieving £800pcm, our management service will cost you around £115 each month.

If this works out even somewhat close to what you would lose out on for a day off work then surely it is a no brainer to pass this responsibility to a professional agent so you can continue with your day to day never having to worry or stress about taking time off.

When a property is managed, we become the tenants point of contact. We do all we can to deal with the query/ issue without having to bother you until we need permission to instruct a third party.

As your managing agent if your tenant was to fall into rent arrears we have strict processes in place to handle each situation case by case ensuring the arrears are cleared or legal action is taken following the correct procedure as soon as we can.

It truly can be a complete stress free, hands off process for landlords by simply choosing the right agent who cares for your property as much as they would their own. 

Valuable time to spend with your loved ones.



The final and in our eyes the most important part of this.

As a landlord and essentially a business owner, you have the freedom to create your own flexible schedule. Use that to your advantage if you want to maximize time with family.

It is great to invest in you and your families future but also crucial to find the correct balance.


Through the use of managing agents, landlords are given the opportunity to have a professional agent help with their investment and in turn providing plenty of valuable time with loved ones.

Three2Six Associate Agents offer a bespoke tailor-made service. You as our landlord will have one dedicated agent from start to finish, happy to advise and help with your queries at any time of day.

Get in contact on 03338 802 602 or email to discuss how we can create a service that fits your lifestyle and work with you whilst being able to support you to invest further to build your property portfolio.

Aisha Hussain

Head of Lettings



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