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Is your home fit for sale? Keep it in shape with our simple weekly workout

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Is your home fit for sale? Keep it in shape with our simple weekly workout


Whether your home is already on the market or about to go up for sale, making sure it looks the part for viewings, even at short notice, is the way to get it sold.

If you’ve ever visited any showhomes, you’ll have experienced the uncompromising approach to presentation, because housebuilders know they’ll get more money and faster sales.

But given that nobody sleeps in a showhome or turns the kitchen into chaos, these simple weekly habits and swift daily hacks will keep you ready whenever your agent calls with a hot prospect.

So, in this week’s blog, we're going to cover:

  • Preparing to launch or start again
  • Diving into your comfort zone
  • Busting the dust with gusto
  • The sweet smells of success
  • Speedy morning rituals

And remember: cleaning and tidying is much more fun with music, so whether you're a fan of Beethoven or Beyonce, get ready to grab your Marigolds, press play, and start moving. 





Whatever stage you’re at with selling your home, a deep clean and thorough declutter are the foundations of successful first launches and fresh new starts. So…

  • Wash your windows inside and out, then have them done regularly, particularly in the brighter months when the sun really shows up dirty panes.
  • Clear cluttered areas or over-furnished rooms to maximise the sense of airiness and space. Our Four Ways to Declutter blog can help you find your perfect method.
  • Check any outside areas for ways to add some al fresco finesse, from kerb appeal to gardens and balconies, like trimming grass, weeding pots and beds, and jet washing paths, patios and decks.

Getting this right from the start will make it easier and quicker to keep your home looking its absolute best, from the day you hit the market to the day you make a sale.





With the right presentation, fabrics can evoke the sumptuous atmosphere of boutique hotels and interior design stores. They also make your photos look great and soften a room’s acoustics.

Living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms are ripe for turning into enticing comfort zones, so try these insider tips from styling experts.

  • Smooth out the fabric on the seats and backs of sofas and armchairs, then plump any scatter cushions for an eye-catching invitation to sink into comfort and stay forever.
  • Beds look best with two rows of fluffed-up pillows (or a front row of cushions), then fold the duvet where it meets them and smooth it out. Collect bonus points for a throw at the bottom.
  • Fold bathroom towels and put them onto shelves or over a ladder. Alternatively, hang them symmetrically on hooks by the long side so they drop in a neat diamond shape next to any robes.

As a bonus, textiles are also the fastest way to inject some on-trend style with zero decorating, so make the most of what you’ve already got, and add some extras where a space feels bare.





Dust is an unavoidable visitor. Left unchecked, it makes its home on every surface, leaving them looking dull and dowdy. Save your home from a similar fate with a weekly blitz like this. 

  • Keep kitchen surfaces and bathroom fittings sparkling with a single, all-purpose eco product from companies like Purdy & Figg, Smol and Planet Organic.
  • Use a hand swiffer to make light work of dusting sideboards, consoles, shelves, dining tables, coffee tables, nightstands, chests of drawers and dressing tables.
  • Vacuum floors and rugs -  even if you take your shoes off at the front door, the final destination for dust is always the lowest surface.

A bit like the feeling after the first coffee of the day, a dust-free room feels energised and uplifting - an ideal combination for enthusing your viewers. 




When your home smells fresh, light and naturally scented, buyers will love the experience when they step inside, and leave with fond memories.

People remember aromas, so treat their olfactory senses to continual moments of pleasure by:

  • Leaving windows securely ajar or keeping their trickle vents open to maintain a natural airflow and clear any whiffs of last night’s curry, or this morning’s kippers!
  • Engaging the natural perfume of plants and flowers: herbs are particularly good all year round, and useful for cooking as well!
  • Using essential oils in an atomiser or reed diffuser to subtly infuse your home, or go for the quick spritz of a natural room spray.

Whichever method you choose to clear the air in your home, avoid the artificial scents of automatic sprays, plug-ins, and aerosols - keeping it natural is always the best option.





If you reset the living room before you go to sleep, and make the beds as soon as your coffee wakes you up, all that’s left for the mornings is a quick zip around before getting on with your day.

With these final finishing touches, your weekly preparations will never be overshadowed by messy little details.

  • Wash up and put everything away (nothing soaking in the sink, and nothing left out to dry), or get it all into the dishwasher and out of sight.
  • Leave all internal doors open, and pull curtains back to expose as much of your windows as possible, so your home feels full of light and flow.
  • Squeegee the shower, drop the loo seat down, wipe the basin, and leave only your posh bathroom products on display.

Finally, free up your floors with laundry in the basket, games and toys into crates, paperwork and magazines back where they belong, and shoes lined up in an orderly fashion.

Is your home fit for sale?

We’d love to help you make a splash with the very best buyers in Birmingham, so call us on 03338 802 602 or email us at for a friendly chat and all the tips you can handle.



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